PLANTERRA was established in 2017 as Center at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece.


In 2018 it became one of the Institutes that constitute the AUA Research Centre.


*   Promoting the importance of soil health and nutrient use efficiency by the crops at the national agricultural community


*   Registering the nutritional needs of new varieties and hybrids of every crop during life cycle.


*   Covering the nutritional needs with proper fertilization schemes


*   Diagnostics, methodologies and modeling for fertilization and nutrition


*   Soil, rhizosoil and rhizosphere physics, chemistry, physical chemistry and biology


*   Nutrition physiology and molecular biology of rhizospheric microorganisms and crops


*   Interactions between plants and rhizospheric microorganisms


*   Quality and safety of edible plant biomass


*   Biogeochemical cycles in adverse environments


*   Soil quality and biodiversity


*   Fertilization and fertilizers; national, European and international legislation